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Physician-supervised Weightloss    Effective and Evidence-based

Physician-supervised Weightloss


Effective and Evidence-based


Help patients achieve lasting, positive body changes.

How does it work?

Who is a candidate?

Anyone wanting to make lasting changes

Physician-supervised Weightloss


Effective and Evidence-based

At Evergreen MD Aesthetics we’re all about helping our patients look and feel their best. While feeling our best has a lot to do with who we see in the mirror, it’s equally important to address our vitality from the inside out. To truly age proactively and lead a life full of energy means focusing on what we put in our bodies just as much as what we put on them.

Every body shape is beautiful but carrying extra weight, especially visceral fat, eating poorly and leading a sedentary lifestyle can put our bodies at risk of developing many different diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancers. Our evidence-based and effective physician-assisted lifestyle optimization and weight loss programs help you to achieve your goals and become the healthiest version of you.

Our program includes one-on-one consultations with our physicians, who use multiple approaches to provide effective and lasting results. These approaches include:

  • weekly check-ins with a physician

  • detailed dietary assessment and modifications

  • motivational interviewing to assess barriers to success

  • collaboration with fitness professionals

  • evidence-based prescription medication when indicated

Let us help you become your best self, inside and out.

Our physician-supervised weightloss program is in development

Let's Work Together

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't know where to start? Have questions about specific treatments?


Medical aesthetics websites can be confusing with so many different treatments and devices.

Come in and see us for a consultation to discuss your goals and concerns. Together, we'll develop a treatment plan that will have you looking and feeling your best!

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