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Aging Proactively

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

All of us are aging, it's a fact of life and, honestly, a beautiful privilege. With age comes growth, experience, knowledge and confidence. But often we dread this passing of time and what it does to our bodies. No matter what we do, the clock will always tick firmly onwards. However, we do have the power to impact how the aging process will unfold for us. It largely has to do with how we treat and look after out bodies today.

When we commit time, energy and resources to looking after our body today, it pays dividends as we grow older. Taking the time to exercise, adequately nourish our bodies and look after our health we have the ability to slow and even reverse the signs of aging for our bodies, allowing ourselves to continue to live a vibrant life full of energy even into our golden years.

The same can be said for our skin. The time, energy and commitment we put into looking after our skin throughout our lives will directly impact what we see in the mirror as we grow older. And what we see in the mirror can have a profound impact on how we feel.

Our goal at Evergreen MD Aesthetics is to develop longterm relationships with our patients, coming up with customized treatment and maintenance plans so that we can travel on this journey of aging together and help our patients to continue to look in the mirror and look as good as they feel. Book a comprehensive consultation with one of our health care providers today to get started on your proactive aging journey.

- Dr. Maan, MD CCFP

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