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Preventative Botox®/Dysport®

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” - Benjamin Franklin

Most people are familiar with the use of neuromodulators such as Dysport® and Botox® and know that they are the single most effective treatment to treat and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. But what about their role in the prevention? Can early, regular use of neuromodulator treatments help to prevent aging and the formation of wrinkles. Yes!

Think of the skin and the underlying muscles like a sheet of paper. Every time you fold a sheet of paper you form a line in it. The more you fold it, over and over again, the deeper the lines become until they are permanently etched into the paper. When you're young and the skin is full of collagen this is not a problem. But, as we age and our skin quality degrades this becomes an issue.

This is essentially what is happening to your skin when the underlying muscles contract. It creases over and over again until the lines become permanent. So when we treat the underlying muscles and relax them using neuromodulators, we prevent the skin from creasing and forming wrinkles before they even start.

So how early can you start with preventative neuromodulator treatment? It’s best to start in your mid to late 20’s as by the time most of us reach our 30’s our dynamic lines, lines that are only there when you move your face, start to turn into static lines, lines that are there all the time, even at rest, or in other words, wrinkles.

Want to learn more about preventative neuromodulator treatment and whether it's the right time for you to start? Book a consultation with one of our doctors to come up with a customized treatment plan!

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